Peyton Manning and Eric Decker Conspire To Pie Orlando Franklin At Yankees-Rockies Game [VIDEO]


Orlando Franklin Pie Face

Members of the Denver Broncos stopped by to see Wednesday night’s Yankees-Rockies game at Coors Field. During the Root Sports broadcast, cameras began asking Broncos’ offensive lineman Orlando Franklin about the game because it was his first baseball game. Ever.

Think about that. Franklin grew up in Jamaica, and played college ball at Miami. Shouldn’t Franklin have seen one game by accident by now? Guess not.

Anyway, while Franklin is being interviewed — and Manning and the other Broncos are enjoying cocktails — Decker sneaks around and ruthlessly pies the offensive lineman. Funny, sure, but Franklin is 6’7″ and 330. We wouldn’t want to be around when he decides to get even. He might choke Decker just like in the Twitpic below.

Yes, that's my real name.
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