Know Your NBA Playoffs Dancers: Miami’s Stephanie Hettchen


How did Miami Heat dancer Stephanie Hettchen take LeBron and company suffering a debilitating loss to the Bulls in Game 1 on Monday? She went to the club with her friends. And that’s exactly how we would’ve handled the fluke loss.

The Heat and Bulls play Game 2 tonight at 7 in Miami and everything is still good for this team to drill the Bulls, make the series 1-1 and then win two in Chicago and then bury Nate Robinson’s team back in Miami.

We noticed that Stephanie is actually using #Believe, which has to be some sort of joke because there’s not much to believe other than that the Bulls now get beat 4-1.

Stephanie profile:

• Former Redskins cheerleader

• Has appeared in Maxim

• Was a professional tennis cheerleader

• Has 45,000 Twitter followers ‏@StephHetch

• Was in a Hong Kong New Years parade

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