Seahawks Hire 18-Year-Old Cheerleader Who Is Still In High School

If you’re 18 and have dreams of cheering for Russell Wilson and Golden Tate, those dreams can come true through cheerleading. Just ask barely 18-year-old cheerleader Christian Fernandez. She turned 18 in April, the age required to be eligible to cheer for the Seahawks and is still in high school.

Then, in a total shocker, she made the Seattle Sea Gals team in late April after having not cheered for her high school during her senior year. Fernandez made the team the day after her senior prom.

According to the Bonney Lake-Sumner Courier-Herald:

Fernandez said the Seahawks are more than just a sports team; they are part of her family, who are long-time season ticket holders. Her sister was proposed to at a Hawk’s game and even the coming generation is part of the family’s devotion. Fernandez has a nephew with the middle name Hawk.

Of course the Sea Gals wasted little time updating their profile page with the 2013 squad, including high school senior, Christian.

I’m still efforting to find out if turning pro in cheerleading puts college cheerleading scholarhips in jeopardy. Has Fernandez given up any college eligibility by turning pro? Can Oregon come in and offer her a full scholarship or is that against NCAA rules since she’ll make like $75 a game with the Seahawks?

So many questions.

As for Christian’s social media presence ( @chones_13), she seems to be your normal teen who’s about to cheer in the NFL.

Enjoy genuine people. Dancer. Huntington Beach. Follower of Christ. Iced Tea. Hairspray. Lip Gloss. And common sense.

And her boyfriend is Eastern Washington wide receiver Aaron Clark. Say hello to the Northwest’s new power couple.

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Fernandez, far left in front row.


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