Screaming Woman Ruins End Of Amazing Spurs-Warriors Playoff Game [VIDEO – UPDATE]

Spurs Warriors Playoff Game

Update: Multiple women claiming to be Screaming Spurs Lady.

While you were sleeping, the San Antonio Spurs beat the Golden State Warriors 129-127 in double overtime in Game 1 of their Western Conference semifinal series. You missed a hell of a game. It had incredible performances from Stephen Curry and Manu Ginobili, which you expected, but also clutch shots from Danny Green (Spurs) and Kent Bazemore (Warriors), which you didn’t.

It also featured a woman shrieking at a pitch so shrill that it grated on the very souls of anyone watching. The screaming female Spurs fan was so annoying that interested parties on Twitter were offering a bounty in the hopes of someone punching her in the throat during the second OT. You can listen to her yelps in the video below (and read the Twitter reaction below):

RT if you want to slap the Spurs chick screaming at every play.

— Faux John Madden (@FauxJohnMadden) May 7, 2013

Screaming lady turned a nation of viewers against the Spurs #AmexNBA

— Lang Whitaker (@langwhitaker) May 7, 2013


— Avry’s Sports Show (@Avry) May 7, 2013

Kent Bazemore is an American hero for silencing screaming Spurs lady.

— Awful Announcing (@awfulannouncing) May 7, 2013

So Screaming Spurs Fan is one of the people in this image:

— Timothy Burke (@bubbaprog) May 7, 2013

[H/T: @worldofisaac]