Screaming Spurs Lady Lori Aguilar Promises To Scream At Game 2

Lori Aguilar, 32, says she is the Screaming Spurs Lady and spent her Tuesday making the media rounds including a call-in with AM 1300 in Austin where SSL said she’ll be at Wednesday’s Game 2 against the Warriors and will be screaming.

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But this is where things get good. There are multiple women claiming to be Screaming Spurs Lady.

San Antonio station KENS5 says the screamer could be a 23-year-old dental assistant that they won’t name until an exclusive tonight at 10 CST.

Then there is a fan named Vickie Villarreal who told WOAI that she could be the screamer that was driving you crazy.

“I got picked up by my parents and they were like, ‘were you screaming a lot?’ My voice is kinda gone, it’s coming back was a little bit hoarser yesterday but I was screaming a lot!” she said.

The only major problem with Vickie’s claim is that she was sitting in the upper deck and like 200 rows from a mic. She’s out.

That leaves Aguilar and the dental assistant to battle it out for screaming superiority. Our money is on Aguilar. She has two kids, is married and doesn’t seem to mind being known as a screamer.


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