41 Best Photos From 2013 Houston Hooters Pageant


It’s that time of year at Hooters locations around the U.S. – pageant time! Our Houston-based photographer buddy, Scott B. – the guy who hired Houston Texans cheerleaders to work his Super Bowl party – was snapping away over the weekend at the North Houston pageant and sent along some photos for you guys to peruse.

There’s something so romantic about these parking lot pageants outside Hooters locations. I’ve never been able to pinpoint what it is, but there’s something American about women in bikinis parading down a catwalk while people park their cars to go into Bed, Bath & Beyond. In a sense, it’s bucolic.

Scott reports that Angel from Shenendoah, Tx was the winner and now heads to Las Vegas for the Miss Hooters finals on June 27.

Dreams crushed and dreams realized. Just another year of life on the Hooters pageant circuit. Good work, ladies.

[Credit: sobyrne99]

Special mention for 6-pack guy snapping photos with his digital Polaroid.