Yes, Craig Sager Was At Miami’s Brickell Fest Cinco de Mayo Party

Of course Craig Sager spent Cinco de Mayo at Miami’s infamous Brickell Fest party. Craig Sager doesn’t miss a party. This is the same Sager who appeared on Busted Coverage last week apparently hammered in a Milwaukee hotel back in April on an Heat-Bucks series off day.

Now Sager is in Miami for the Heat-Bulls series.

According to Denis Wuscovi, who ran into Sager at Brickell Fest, he was “just walking around” and added that he was a “nice, humble guy.”

This guy really is the best. He could’ve just sat in his hotel and Skype’d with his wife or watched Sunday Night Baseball. Not Sager. He’s a man of the people and has to be in the middle of all the action, just the way you guys like him.


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Did you party with Sager last night in Miami? Tell us all about it.


[HT: @DenisWuscovi]



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