Sad Islanders Fan & More Monday Screencaps To Get Your Week Rolling!


morning twitpics

The poor Islanders. They score two 3rd period goals to tie the Penguins only to lose in overtime, giving Pittsburgh a 2-1 series lead. That led to Sad Islanders Fan going thumbs down on the postgame interview.


In other news, LeBron is your NBA MVP, the sky is blue and there are 24 hours in a day. Someone wake me when the Heat win another title and hold a parade on South Beach. The NBA Playoffs couldn’t be any more boring, and that’s coming from a guy who doesn’t watch NBA games in May.

Shame on you if your lazy ass was sitting on the couch yesterday watching Indiana-New York.

We rag on ESPN quite often, but the WWL deserves kudos for outfitting this ride for last night’s ESPN Sunday Night Baseball.



Meanwhile, an ESPN intern was jerking off and came up with this fail. Just when I planned on being nice this morning, you pull this stunt.



And another intern pulled this.



When your sponsor is Lowe’s, you bring one of these with you to the track.

Picture 1


Also at Talladega, Danica Patrick and her boyfriend ran into Redneck Borat.



Finally, it’s Monday at the Post. Not really digging that backpage headline. C-.

Picture 2


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