Mario Williams Wants $785,000 Engagement Ring Back From His Gold-Digging Ex-Fiancée



Buffalo Bills defensive end Mario Williams is seeking a ring, but it has nothing to do with the Super Bowl. The two-time All Pro is demanding that his former fiancée, Erin Marzouki, give back the $785,000, 10-carat diamond engagement ring he gave her in February of 2012 while he lived in Texas.

You can see the 10-carat rock on Marzouki’s left hand in the Texans’ wives photo from 2012 above. She’s on the right, after Caroline Walter (wife of former Texans WR Kevin) and Megan Cushing (wife of Texans LB Brian).

Williams said Marzouki called off the engagement earlier this year. Under Texas law, if a woman calls off the wedding, the man may be entitled to get the ring back because it was given with the intent of marriage. In the lawsuit Williams filed in Houston on Friday, he all but called Marzouki a gold-digger. Check out the language of the suit below; Marzouki is the defendant:

“Defendant never intended to marry plaintiff and used the relationship as a means to get to plaintiff’s money and acquire gifts.”

Williams also claimed to have bought more than $230,000 worth of stuff for Marzouki, whom he says charged an additional $108,000 on a single credit card.


So, if the suit’s allegations are true, Marzouki had to do the break up via email or over the phone, right? Because there’s just no way Williams takes that news well face-to-face.

Anyone want to place bets on which AFC East offensive tackle is the first to start chirping about the ring on the line of scrimmage? Our thinking is that everyone on the Pats’ O-line wears a Ring Pop on their finger for the first offensive series.


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