Hunter Pence & Girlfriend Savanna Sweetland Ride Scooters To AT&T Park [PHOTOS, VIDEO]


San Francisco Giants’ outfielder Hunter Pence is a peculiar dude with a taste for attractive blondes, like his current girlfriend, whom we believe is Savanna Sweetland. Unlike some of Pence’s former girlfriends, Sweetland is not often photographed. She’s also savvy enough to protect most of her social media photos. Smart girl.

During Sunday’s Giants-Dodgers game broadcast on ESPN, cameras caught Pence and his girlfriend riding matching Razor scooters to the players’ entrance of AT&T Park before the game. The ESPN photographers didn’t get an up-close shot of the girl, preferring to focus on the baseball player during the baseball game (amateurs), but they did get a few pics of her dismounting the Razor.

While Pence plays ball with total abandon, doesn’t it seem like he needs a little extra help outside the ballpark? Maybe it’s his slight resemblance to a young Woody Harrelson, but he seems like he’d keep riding into McCovey Cove if his girlfriend didn’t tell him to stop and park. Maybe he’s not that loopy in real life. He’s got a cool Twitter profile.

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