Gronk Ate Sunday Breakfast In Another House That Isn’t His



Welcome to our new Rob Gronkowski series titled “Where Will Gronk Eat His Sunday Breakfast?” The reason for such a series? Gronk keeps eating his Sunday breakfast in random places where he doesn’t live. You might remember a week ago when our hero was eating cookies in some random Kansas State chick’s house.

This week Gronk is sharing some guy’s recliner before or after Sunday breakfast, according to the tweet dispatches we’ve been able to track down.


It seems that Jake Moran’s father knows Papa Gronk. They’re buddies. But, how does Gronk just end up in the Moran house eating breakfast? Does he just pop in and start cracking eggs? Does he just call random family friends and ask “What’s for breakfast?”

And does he just show up in his overnight sleep gear like he’s 10 and staying over on a Saturday night at the Moran house?

Let’s face it, you’re not going to find a more humble highest paid position player in the NFL. You make Gronk Sunday breakfast and the guy is your friend for life.

Picture 2

No you can’t Gronk. (June 2, 2012 was a Saturday.)

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