Grandma Susie Sanchez Tries Out For Cowboys Cheerleaders

Remember Susie Sanchez, the cheerleading grandma that we told you about in 2011 and who eventually became an Oakland Raiders cheerleader? She doubled down this weekend by attending the Dallas Cowboys cheerleader tryouts, the Dallas Morning News reports.

Sanchez, 39, who has a 19-year-old daughter who has a two-year-old child, turns 40 in August so Saturday was big moment in the life of this grandma.

Just like the 18-year-olds she was competing against, Sanchez got her 90 seconds in front of the judges. The dream ended a short while later during the first cuts.

“This year I decided this was going to be it for me,” Sanchez said. “I was telling myself, I’m going to end it here.”

And that’s how you know your youth is way behind you. Making the Raiders cheerleading team is one thing because you can hide a 30-something grandma on those sidelines.

If anything, Sanchez should be commended for losing that ridiculous hair she had with the Raiders. This new look just took off 10 years.

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