Atlanta Hawks Fan ‘Floor Seat Shawty’ Claims Wrongful Arrest At Pacers Game


An Atlanta Hawks fan, who goes by ‘Floor Seat Shawty,’ claims he was wrongfully arrested for disorderly conduct during Game 5 of the Hawks-Pacers series and wants to set the record straight on our May 2 post showing video of ‘Shawty’ being led out of club seats. 

Shawty, real name not given, called the BC hotline and is still furious at the way Indianapolis police treated him in what Shawty, who lives in Atlanta, says was a very disrespectful situation. According to the rap artist promoter, he and his performer, Jose Quervo (@MrJOSE_QUERVO), were in Indy for a show to promote Quervo’s strip club hit, “Bad Bitch Contest,” when they decided to stay an extra night to catch Game 5.

The trouble happened in the second quarter.

According to Shawty:

• Arrested; charged with disorderly conduct

• Spent the night in the Indianapolis jail – in his Hawks gear – in isolation until Noon on May 2 when he was moved to general population

• He’s a huge Hawks fan and has sat in floor seats for numerous Hawks games

• He and Quervo didn’t even get a chance to sit in their seats when security was grabbing him

• “I waved my flag three times and they (security) grabbed me and took me up the steps.” At some point Shawty lost his Hawks flag. So did he get it back while being arrested? “Hell no, bro,” he told us.


• “They (security) said I spit on someone. I didn’t spit on anyone.”

• Background: Shawty says he used to be an assistant to rapper Scarface

• “I’ve been in over 200 rap videos. I’m somebody. I’m not some nobody,” he tells us.

• Says the first thing the judge said to him was, “You’re the Hawks fan. In case you didn’t know, the Hawks lost.”

• Figures it’ll cost him $2,500 to settle this disorderly charge




Shawty’s tickets:

Picture 7

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