When Is A Blow Me Maybe(?) Shirt Appropriate? At An Arizona State Baseball Game & More Screencaps!


morning twitpics

What a great night it was for Morning Twitpics. I didn’t go to the bar so you guys would have a kick ass Morning Twitpics post. And you’re rewarded with Arizona State bro wearing his “Here’s my number, blow me maybe?” shirt during the Stanford game on ESPNU.

This is what I live for on a Friday night when stuck at home. Do some women think this shirt is ridiculous and disrespectful? Of course. Would most guys wear this shirt to a baseball game where there are respectable adults and members of the community? No, but you don’t go to Arizona State. These guys just go harder than anyone else in the party game.


Here’s a much more respectable shirt at the Nats game.


If only I was single. I’m crazy in love with this chick and this face. So good.

( ‏@prestonrouse)


That’s a wig, right?

rockets fan hair

Meanwhile, in Memphis, where does one get an mall airbrushed Zach Randolph shirt?


They spelled it how it sounds. Good work, intern.




Finally, all is well in New York where the Knicks move on for another 14-15 days of media coverage against the Pacers.

Picture 2

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