Johnny Manziel’s Girlfriend Sarah Savage Flashes Gun At NRA Banquet [PHOTOS]


Sarah Savage Gun

When we last checked in with model Sarah Savage, the girlfriend (still, as far as we know) of Heisman Trophy-winner Johnny Manziel, she was returning from spring break with her besties. Since then, while Manziel has been taking online classes and attending every sporting event in the world, Savage has been sort of quiet.

Well, that all changed on Friday night when Savage posted a picture of her exercising her Second Amendment right to bear arms at the NRA Banquet after the NRA Convention in Houston. Check out Sarah Football looking like a Bond Girl below:

Do they give out guns at the NRA Convention like wedding centerpieces? You know, your plate has a sticker underneath it, so you win a gun. Or maybe it’s like Oprah: “You get a gun! And you get a gun. And you get a gun…” Anyway, Savage’s attractiveness might be one of the few qualities that could upstage Manziel’s celebrity at this point. All Manziel has to do is call his bro A.J. McCarron, aka Mr. Katherine Webb, to find out what that feels like.

Of course, Manziel was also in Houston on Friday, but Johnny Football was at the Rockets-Thunder game posing for pictures and being his affable self. Is there a better definition of an NCAA power couple than Manziel and Savage? Your move, McCarron and Webb.


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