Jay Cutler Feeding His Son & Drinking A Beer?



This photo allegedly showing Jay Cutler feeding his son, Camden, a bottle while getting beer bottle service is being passed around today so I felt like it needed to be addressed.

The first mention of this photo that I can find is from ‏@Mr_James93 on April 30. There was no added information and it could be that this photo has been floating around on a message board.

So is it Cutler? It sure looks like Cuts. Would Cuts get bottle service while giving bottle service? Sure.

Does Cuts have a son? Yes.

Does his son look like the baby in the photo? Yes. Here’s Baby Cuts on Thursday sporting more hair than the alleged Baby Cuts in the top photo.

Kristin Cavallari Takes Camden To Lunch

What about Jay Cuts profile view. Does he have sideburns?




Conclusion: We’re 98.9% sure that’s Cuts.

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