Drunk Craig Sager Passed Out In A Milwaukee Hotel [PHOTOS]

It’s still unclear why Craig Sager was in a Milwaukee hotel on April 26, but what is clear is that some college coeds had fun with a passed out Sager.

According to @2SMIDGET2QUIT, she hand her friends just happened to be in the right place at the right time to photobomb the TNT sideline reporter.

As for how drunk Sager had to get to pass out in a hotel chair, we’re starting to piece the night together and it seems he tried to hang with fratties and couldn’t hang. See below.

Sager, believed to be 63 or 64, was a Delta Tau Delta at Northwestern and played football and basketball. He instantly goes to the top of the list of guys we want to get drunk with before TNT makes him go to rehab.

Update: The Heat and Bucks series had a day off in Milwaukee on April 26.

Do you have a Craig Sager drinking story we need to hear about? Drop us a line.

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