Caps Fan Passes Out Before End Of Game 1 Celebration & More Screencaps!


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What a helluva week for Caps fan. He makes it all the way to Thursday when he has amazing seats to Game 1 of the Rangers series. The Caps blast three goals in the 2nd period and cruise to a 3-1 win. The only problem is that Caps fan passes out with :58 remaining, committing one of the cardinal sins of sitting behind the bench.

Speaking of wasting a great seat, how about this lady in the front row knitting at the Bulls game. The lady must’ve been bored by a classic game won by Brooklyn, 95-92, forcing a Game 7 at Brooklyn on Saturday at 8 p.m.

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Meanwhile, at the Warriors game, MC Hammer watched Golden State finish off the Nuggets, 92-88. It’s hard to believe, but MC is now 51.


We’re still efforting to find out if this was in Memphis. Doesn’t really matter.


Dog night at the Rangers game. She actually made the dog sit around until the 9th inning. What a horrible owner.


That didn’t take long. The Jays are now 2-8 in their last 10 and are 10.5 behind the Red Sox. In other words, Blue Jays fans will be showing up to Skydome this summer just to get slammed.


Finally, the NY Post setting up Melo for failure with this cover. It’s hard to believe they’re just playing Game 6 in this series. Game 1 was played on Sat, Apr 20.

Picture 3

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