Wichita State’s Tyler Baker Catches Squirrel In Helmet [VIDEO]


Wichita State Squirrel

When’s the last time you saw a baseball player catch a squirrel in a batting helmet? Never, right? That’s Wichita State’s Tyler Baker on Tuesday scooping up the squirrel during the 4th inning in a game against Kansas.

The Jayhawks eventually won, 1-0, in 11 innings, but that will be lost when ESPN starts showing this on rotation on the morning SportsCenter.

Live Action!

According to the KUSports.com:

“I was scared it would do something, but it was weird, he just walked up to me,” Baker said. “I was just saying, ‘Come here. Come here, little guy.’ … I thought it might jump up out of the helmet, but it just looked up at me the whole time.”

[via @BobsBlitz]


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