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Wichita State’s Tyler Baker Catches Squirrel In Helmet [VIDEO]

When’s the last time you saw a baseball player catch a squirrel in a batting helmet? Never, right? That’s Wichita State’s Tyler Baker on Tuesday scooping up the squirrel during the 4th inning in a game against Kansas.

The Jayhawks eventually won, 1-0, in 11 innings, but that will be lost when ESPN starts showing this on rotation on the morning SportsCenter.

Live Action!

According to the

“I was scared it would do something, but it was weird, he just walked up to me,” Baker said. “I was just saying, ‘Come here. Come here, little guy.’ … I thought it might jump up out of the helmet, but it just looked up at me the whole time.”

[via @BobsBlitz]


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