Westboro Baptist OKC Thunder Counter-Protest Went Pretty Good & More Screencapping Fun!

Westboro Baptist tried to protest the “Fag NBA” and Jason Collins last night in Oklahoma City before the Thunder-Rockets game. Things didn’t go exactly as planned for WBC. There were counter-protestors.

Nothing makes me happier than America working over WBC at their own game.

(via ‏@ItsEarthPics)

OKC residents renewed our faith in humanity. How great is this? So great, right?

Westboro Baptist Hand Jobs

Again, proud of you, OKC. (via @_only_prettier)


Picture 7

Moving along, he loves his country.

Picture 8

And then Toronto lost, 4-1, to Boston.

Picture 9

You get exactly one NBA screencap from an actual game.

Picture 11

Finally, good effort last night from the Knicks. And you guys wonder why I can’t watch the NBA until late May.

Picture 10

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