Taylor Stevens – Toronto Maple Leafs Superfan Of The Stanley Cup Playoffs


There’s a good chance you remember porn star Taylor Stevens (@TAYSTEVENS). She made headlines during the 2012 Stanley Cup Finals for boob bombing New Jersey head coach Peter DeBoer. Now, our friends at Blue Toro tell us Tay Tay will be rooting for the Maple Leafs against the Bruins.

Stevens, who lists Toronto as her hometown, starred in DVD classics XL Girls: Home Alone Volume 2 and also appears on PornHub and other great Internet sites you guys know about.

Taylor isn’t just a hockey fan. She’s also rooting for the Houston Rockets. How does that happen? Not sure, but she sure has some interest in Omer Asik.

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We’re efforting Ms. Stevens to find out if she will be sitting behind the Bruins bench when the Leafs series moves to Toronto on Monday for the first playoff game in nine years. The only issue we see for Stevens this year is that her Leafs will likely be swept, limiting her boob bombing exposure.

[HT: Blue Toro]