Georgia Cops Arrest Tubby Tennessee Vols Fan For Bank Robbery

Georgia cops only needed less than 24 hours to capture Tubby Tennessee Vols fan, the same punk we were hunting last night for the robbery of a Woodstock, Georgia bank.

According to the local, Nathan Alexander Dotson was likely trying to flee to an unknown destination.

Woodstock police have arrested Nathan Alexander Dotson, 20, Tuesday evening, just hours after he allegedly committed the crime.

He is in custody at the Cherokee County Adult Detention Center and has been charged with robbery, Woodstock Police Department Spokesperson Brittany Duncan said Wednesday morning.

Duncan said Woodstock offers were following up on tips when they discovered Dotson at a Greyhound Bus Station in Atlanta. Officers believe Dotson may have been preparing to leave the area.

At least they put him in a Vols orange prison shirt. The Vols will probably be pretty decent by the time Dotson gets out of jail in five years.

Hope it was worth it, chief.

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