Duckface Mafia: Anaheim Wags Do Stanley Cup Playoffs Duckface


I was sitting here trying to figure out what to do with the Anaheim Ducks WAGs mafia hanging out last night’s NHL playoffs opener against the Red Wings in their personalized when it came to me – DUCKFACES!

Of course the leader of the Duckface Mafia is none other than Sheldon Souray’s girlfriend Barbie Blank. You might remember her by her WWE Diva name, Kelly Kelly. Her and Sheldon are longtime favorites of BC because Barbie is usually barely clothed and always up to some shenanigans.

The members of the Duckface Mafia (photographed above, L-R) are: Corey Perry girlfriend (still efforting name); Matt Belesky’s girlfriend, Victoria; Brad Staubitz’s girlfriend (still efforting name); Barbie Blank; Ryan Getzlaf’s wife, Paige.

Of course the Mafia went home with a 3-1 win with Game Two happening Thursday at 10 EST.


ducks-wags-duck faces


Duckface Mafia Ringleader – Barbie Blank

Duckface Mafia – Paige Getzlaf