Roger Clemens Golfing Right Now At Woodlands Country Club; Look At This Horrible Form

Picture 12

So @Nizzle35 is on the Woodland Country Club tournament course today and who does he run into?

Mr. Swag.

I’m not going to pretend I’m a golf swing expert or could do any better than The Rocket in a long drive competition, but isn’t that swing a mess? We’re talking about a guy that made $150,601,000 during his baseball career and can afford the best swing coaches in the sport.

If we take a slow-mo look at Tiger Woods’ drive, you’ll see some major flaws in what Rocket has going on.

• Foot off the ground

• Left arm bending

• Knees starting to bend

Kudos, though, for the cargo/visor combo. This guy has an unlimited supply of cargo shorts in his closet.

Roger teeing off in 2010 with background music. Did she just say he hit it into the trees?