Westboro Baptist To Protest NBA Playoffs, Jason Collins


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And some of you wonder why Jason Collins might have a hard time coming out of the closet.

Westboro Church announced today, via a not so normal press release, that they have protest signs ready for Game 5 of the Oklahoma City-Houston series and will also be in Chicago Thursday to protest Game 6 of Bulls-Nets.

WBC is suddenly becoming a sports tweeting powerhouse.

Stand by your words, @Chris_Broussard & come out to picket the @NBA with us!

That’s not all. They’re also dragging Kevin Durant into this mess just as he’s struggling to get back to the NBA Finals where he’ll eventually lose – again – to LeBron.

Wait until WBC hears that professional bowling has an openly gay competitor who, earlier this year, won a tournament and then kissed his husband. Heads will roll.


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