Tony Romo Manicure And Pedicure Day



I’m not an expert on the manicure and pedicure game so someone needs to help me on this one. Of course Tony Romo is getting a pedicure with his wife, Candice Crawford.

But, what’s up with that pillow?

My blog sister Alex at College Candy was thinking it might be some sort of manicure bolster pillow used in the manicure game.

I’ve never been anywhere that uses that before, but it looks like a bolster this place uses if you’re getting your hands and feet done at the same time.

Very interesting.

Picture 2

Meanwhile, Eli Manning is off pounding draft beers and counting Super Bowl trophies. Romo is the same guy who recently needed an armed police detail at a high school basketball game. Nut up, brother.

You gotta give Romo credit. The guy hasn’t won jack shit and still has the audacity to let photos like this hit the Internet. All smiles, relaxin’ and livin’ the life.



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