FOX Sports Girl Of The Week: Jenny

Fox Sports North Girl Jenny knows the Minnesota Wild (8-seed) are huge underdogs in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs against Chicago (Tonight, 8 EST, Fox Sports North – series schedule). She also knows the last time a Minnesota hockey franchise played for the Stanley Cup, it was the North Stars in 1991, and that ended with a tragic 8-0 blowout by the Penguins.

But, this is Minnesota, where optimism is high because, in 2012, the Los Angeles Kings were an 8-seed in and won the Cup.

Jenny, who played hockey at Edina High School, says a Stanley Cup would be huge for the hockey crazy state of Minnesota. “I guarantee it will be declared a holiday for everyone to celebrate,” she said.

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Who is your favorite athlete?

That’s a hard question because there are many male and female athletes that I admire and look up to. Locally, I really think Matt Cullen is one of the best leaders on the Wild. I admire his work ethic and team first attitude. He is a Minnesota native who played for St.Cloud State in Minnesota and has worked hard to be where he is today. Hard to believe he has played over 1000 games in the NHL and continues to improve.

Who is your athlete or celebrity crush, and why?

Taylor Kitsch from Friday Night Lights. He is also a HUGE hockey fan!

What is your fondest sports memory?

Growing up in Minnesota my family lived close to an outdoor rink so we could all go skating together. My dad was a great coach for my brother and me growing up, and I was lucky to have him as a mentor. I also have so many great memories from playing lacrosse at Boston University, I met amazing friends and teammates while playing there for four years.

What sport would you play professionally if you could, and why?

I think that you may have already guessed, but I would play left wing for the Minnesota Wild. I would also love to play professional field hockey – seems like the perfect combination of hockey and lacrosse!

What’s the coolest assignment you’ve worked as a Fox Sports Girl?

Traveling to Germany this year for “Spring Training to the Troops” was one of the most amazing experiences. We spent time with troops stationed at U.S Army Garrison Grafenwoehr base, and learned about their daily life and what it is like to be stationed overseas. We are so lucky to have men and women who serve and protect our country.

I read that you used to play pond hockey. Ever have to drop the gloves?

You would be surprised how intense girls hockey can get…I may have gotten into a few interesting discussions on the ice 🙂

A majority of the sports world outside of Minnesota don’t know much about the Wild & hockey in that state. What does hockey mean to the people of Minnesota?

Hockey is a way of life here in Minnesota, and I am so proud to be a part of it. There is no other state that can sell out Xcel Energy Center (where the Wild play) for the Boys High School State Hockey Tournament. It’s a unique passion here. Minnesota hockey fans are truly something special.

What would a Stanley Cup mean to Minnesota hockey fanatics who haven’t seen a Cup game since the 8-0 blowout in Game 6 of the ’91 series against the Penguins?

If the Cup was brought to the State of Hockey – I guarantee it will be declared a holiday for everyone to celebrate.

Playoff beards: Fan or shave them?

Love it! I think it’s great to see the playoff beards. Hopefully the Wild players’ beards will get VERY long throughout this playoff push.

Brats, regular hot dogs or kielbasa: What is the one must-have food item at Target Field to eat on a diet sabbatical?

Target Field has the best food options from classic ballpark food to unique food items. My favorite is the potato bar, where you can pick out a potato and what you would like on it. I always go for the sweet potato with maple butter and spiced pecans. Basically it’s dessert, but “healthy” because it is on a sweet potato, right?

If you could name Joe Mauer’s forthcoming twins with famous Twins player names, what are you going with?

Kirby and Coomer – has a nice ring to it!

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