Barry Bonds “Say No To Drugs” Autographed ’87 Donruss On eBay For $100k



You know how you should never spend more than like $100 on eBay sports memorabilia because there’s a great chance you’re about to be ripped off? You might not be getting ripped off when you buy the $100,000 Barry Bonds 1987 autographed “Say No To Drugs” card that some guy is selling, but you’ll have buyer’s remorse.

The seller, who actually goes by bonds_autograph, claims “This card represents the most unique and ironic collectible available for the polarizing star.” He also says the card has been verified by PSA. Of course he’s also taking offers. Only a deranged maniac would move $100k via PayPal without a negotiation.

It’s not that this card doesn’t hold some serious value to steroid era collectors – it does. It’s just that it wasn’t that uncommon for Bonds to be associated with the “Say No” campaign. Irony? Yes. A shot at humor after the steroid era scandal? No.


The “Say No” wristbands. Notice the 87.


And more wristbands from 1987. This pair sold for $348 in 2006.


And the 1987 Fleer with “Say no to drugs.”


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