Rob Gronkowski Ended Up In His Boxers In Some K-State Chick’s House & More Screencaps!


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What a power weekend from the legend, Rob Gronkowski. The guy rolls into Manhattan, Kansas for his brother’s spring game and the guy ends up shirtless in some chick’s house.

The guy slammed beers, wore a shirt that read “It’s more fun on top” and slammed a coed or three. This should serve as notice to ladies across this country that you never know when Gronk is going to show up to 69.


Picture 10

Picture 9

The anti-Russell Westbrook, LeBron, Kobe and every other NBA guy who wants to be a runway model. Is that a Columbia shirt?

Picture 6


Picture 8


The only problem is that he didn’t homer in the 6th. Bad update, bros.



How much could a Buster Olney autograph actually go for on eBay? Come on, grown adults.

Picture 7



Finally, a pretty common morning in New York. Miraculously, the Jets aren’t part of the Monday headlines.

Picture 3

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