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Nick Swisher Tweets Pictures Of Naked, Pregnant Wife, JoAnna Garcia [PHOTOS]

Former New York Yankees outfielder, and notorious bro, Nick Swisher is off to a lukewarm start in Cleveland. His .423 slugging percentage and .819 OPS as an Indian are off his career averages and significantly down from his time in pinstripes. However, before any seamheads start factoring in ballparks and lineups, please consider this: Swisher is going to be a dad, like, soon. He’s thinking baby formula, not BABIP. Take that into consideration in your Fantasy leagues.

Swisher proudly re-tweeted a picture of his naked, pregnant wife, actress JoAnna Garcia, on Monday. You can view it below. With her baby girl due in May, JoAnna looks totally fantastic and beautiful as always, squashing that old-wives tale that states: “a baby girl steals the beauty from her mother.” No word as to whether Swisher and JoAnna will do one of those group naked portraits that have become so popular when a baby is born. Would be amazing, brah.

Photo: @stephenbusken


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