Mets Fans Turning Jason Bay Jerseys Into John Buck Jerseys [PHOTOS]

A friend of Team BC was at Citi Field to see the Mets-Phillies game on Saturday. In addition to reporting that the Mets’ ballpark is attracting an ever-growing number of hipster baseball fans, he noticed a gem of a modified jersey: the much-hated Jason Bay’s No. 44 transformed into a John Buck No. 44 with some athletic tape. Nice work.

MLB’s Cut 4 found another modified Mets’ No. 44 jersey over the weekend. This example was a little more clever — with a dollar bill taped over Bay’s nameplate — and ironic, especially considering the $65 million the Mets paid/owe Bay, who was released last fall. (Also sweet to see the jersey wearer rocking the orange Piazza shirtsey underneath.)

Finally, Reddit found another modified Bay Mets shirt. This one was a little less nuanced and more base D-I-Y, but it works. Love the “X.”


Turning a Jason Bay 44 into a John Buck 44 has obviously become a trend among Mets fans, especially after Buck collected eight home runs and 23 RBIs in 22 April games (so far). Does the Mets’ merch store know that fans don’t care if Buck’s hot start turns out to be bogus? He’s the most interesting position player not named David Wright. Print those shirts! Check out some fan jerseys (some NSFW) in the galleries below:

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Jason Collins Is Gay #Respect #HesStillInNBA?
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