Lingerie Football League QB Trucks Safety: ‘Sit The F–k Down, Bitch’ [VIDEO]



How big of a badass is L.A. Temptation quarterback Ashley Salerno of the Lingerie Football League (yes, I know the name changed)? She’s such a badass that not only will she run over a Chicago Bliss safety Alli Alberts, she’ll then taunt an injured Alberts with a, “Sit the f–k down, bitch.”

I’ve been saying it for at least three years now: someone is going to get seriously hurt in the LFL. Most of you think the LFL is just an underwear and hockey helmet league, but what we’re starting to notice are bigger, faster and extremely strong women crushing each other.

Salerno is listed at 5-7, 138.

As for the game, the Temptation beat Chicago 31-18. Salerno was 4-of-4 for 100 yards passing, 45 yards rushing and four total touchdowns.


Alberts after the game – she woke up.



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