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Roy Nelson Knocked Out Cheick Kongo In The First Round At UFC 159 [GIF]

Roy Nelson knocked out Cheick Kongo with an overhand right to the temple in the first round of their bout at UFC 159 on Saturday night in Newark, N.J. After the win, “Big Country” grabbed his belly in celebration as the crowd at the Prudential Center roared. Getting such a spectacular victory on one of the biggest UFC pay-per-views can only help elevate Nelson in the UFC hierarchy. Watch his quick work in the GIFs below:

Roy Nelson Kongo KO

Roy Nelso KO Kongo

With a body that owes more to “Duck Dynasty” than P90X, Nelson may be to the UFC what John Daly was to the PGA Tour: an everyman star who would not seem out of place sitting next to you at the bar. Someone needs to pay Jim Ross to call Nelson’s fights, because we’d love to hear this sort of thing:

[h/t: @FightSummary; @ZProphet_MMA]

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