Jon Jones Broke His Toe & Still Knocked Out Chael Sonnen At UFC 159 (& Manziel Was There) [GIF]

Jon Jones Toe Lead

UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones demolished Chael Sonnen by first-round TKO at UFC 159 in Newark, N.J. on Saturday night. The title fight had a ton of hype, but it wasn’t very close at all once Jones and Sonnen got into the octagon. The fight was stopped after Jones repeatedly hammered away on Sonnen with elbows and a knee. Watch the GIF below to see the damage:

Jon Jones Chael Sonnen end

While Jones retained his title, he badly messed up his left big toe. It is a grotesque injury that would stop most fighters, but Jones may very well be made of Adamantium.

Jon Jones defends his UFC title despite a jacked up toe:…

— Michael David Smith (@MichaelDavSmith) April 28, 2013

OH, by the way, remember when we theorized that since Johnny Manziel was at the NFL Draft Saturday morning and the Yankees game Saturday afternoon, he probably would show up at UFC 195 in Newark? Yeah. Called it.

TOO FREAKING EASY!!! #TeamBonesJones…

— Johnny Manziel (@JManziel2) April 28, 2013

[h/t: Bubbaprog and MichaelDavSmith]

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