Sideline Reporter Jenny Dell Pissed Off At Fan Who Ruined Live Spot [VIDEO]

Jenny Dell Mad

NESN’s Jenny Dell is the in-game reporter for Boston Red Sox games. She’s also the reigning crush of all the male Boston sports fans. Dell often interviews fans at Fenway Park who have a great reason to be at a Sox game. We assume she gets daily emails from hardo creepers whose favorite reason to watch the Sox is Dell.

During Sunday’s Red Sox-Astros game at Fenway Park, Dell set up an in-game interview with Jennifer Colbert, who was at the park with her autistic son Elijah for Autism Awareness Day. While Dell was allowing Colbert to explain the importance of the day — and letting Elijah have his moment — a Red Sox fan, who had left his seat returned with a couple of hot dogs and stormed right into Dell’s live spot because his wife waved him in like Wendell Kim. Dell tried to diffuse the fan’s interference several times, but the dude blew through the stop sign.

After the interview was over, cameras cut back to catch a miffed Dell perplexed at the guy and openly wandering Really, WTF? (though she didn’t say that). Watch the video clip below and see for yourself:

When some fans called out Dell on her mean-mugging, she took to Twitter to defend her actions, explaining that she had a deal, and Tommy Two-Franks and his wife broke it. You can see Dell politely engage the couple at the end of the clip.

Sensitive subject & interview. Before intv, politely asked fan not to walk into the shot when we were live. RT @ajjenks_: shows sassy side

— Jenny Dell (@JennyDellNESN) April 28, 2013