The Jagrs Take A Leak At Flyers Game & More Screencapping Fun!

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Is there any better in sports than the Jagrs taking a leak at a Flyers game? Not really. You can’t tell me these guys can’t walk into a sports bar and get laid within an hour. Of course women are into the novelty. They’re into the adventure. They’re into notches in the belt.

Looking for a similar gig to the Jagrs? May we suggest the Favres.

(via @Reillsalinio)

Meanwhile, last night in San Diego.



And at the Sabres-Islanders game…

Picture 3


And what’s up with Blackhawks fan cheering a Stars goal at Thursday’s Blue Jackets game? Crazy, right?



It’s actually Willie Brown, but he’s so old nobody at ESPN actually cares.



Finally, the Jets continue to be a tabloid dream. It appears Sanchez will get $8 million to go away and Rex Ryan will lose the quarterback who is tattooed on his shoulder.

Picture 6