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Roger Clemens Swagged Out At J.J. Watt Charity Softball Event

Green Asics, khaki cargo pants, Adidas visor & frosted tips.

Roger Clemens couldn’t have been swagged out any more than he was on Friday at batting practice for J.J. Watt’s charity softball game that will be played today at Constellation Field in Sugar Land, Texas.

Events will kick off at noon with a home run derby followed by the softball game.  Defensive and offensive players from Watt’s NFL team, the Houston Texans, will compete on opposing teams during a seven-inning game (two hour time limit.)

According to Watt’s Twitter account, The Rocket stopped by to throw batting practice and show off his cargo khakis.

We get it, Rog, swag for days and days and days.


(via @GodzKidzRock)

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