Kristen Nicole, Playboy’s Miss May 2013, Loves Tequila & Outdoor Sports [PHOTOS]

Kristen Nicole, Playboy Miss May 2013, Loves Tequila & Outdoor Sports

Kristen Nicole nearly created an international incident. Playboy’s Miss May 2013 was partying with friends in Hong Kong recently when one of her fellow travelers made it known to a nearby bachelor party that they were in the presence of a Playmate.

“We had a copy of the issue, and my friends flashed the pictures to them,” Nicole, 23, said Thursday from Los Angeles. “It got them riled up. They love blondes.”

A frequent traveler, Nicole will postpone her international itinerary for the next month while she promotes the magazine’s May 2013 issue, on newsstands and at i.playboy.com now.

Nicole spoke to Busted Coverage about which outdoor sports she wouldn’t do naked and where she stands on the Lakers-Clippers rivalry.

As Miss May, you’ll be the reigning Playmate on Cinco de Mayo. What’s your most memorable tequila story, and does it involve nudity?

“I love tequila, so I don’t know that I have just one story…The thing is I get naked more often than most people, so maybe that makes it less memorable for me.”

What athletes have hit on you since you joined Playboy? Have any Playmates warned you about ‘that guy’?

“None yet, but I’ve been told that it does happen, and I know that they’re out there. I’m excited for it. I’m sure it’s going to happen.”

I know you’ve been to a few Lakers games. How good were your seats and did you see anyone famous there?

“I spent most of the time in the Hyde Lounge in the Staples Center, so I didn’t see celebrities as much as lawyers and players’ agents. They tend to hang out in the club area. I’d love to have floor seats; that’s where you see the celebrities.”

So, you’d definitely choose the Lakers in the Lakers-Clippers rivalry.

“Yes. I love purple. (laughs)”

You’re a fan of kayaking, paddle-boarding and other outdoor sports. What would be the most difficult outdoor sport to do naked?

“Wakeboarding. Definitely. Miss February did it, and I think that it would be bad to do naked. I’d kayak naked, play paddle board naked, but wakeboarding wouldn’t work. Anything with fast speed and hard water against my exposed areas is not a great idea.”

You are studying to become an interior designer. Are sports memorabilia and collectibles in a guy’s place a deal-breaker for you? What should guys do?

“I can appreciate that a guy loves something that much that they want to have it in their place, but they should make it sexy for the girl. Maybe some silk pillows in team colors or throw rugs. Make it so that the girl feels welcome in the apartment. As for the memorabilia, maybe they could display that in a closet like it was a showcase (laughs). “

The May 2013 issue of Playboy featuring Kristen Nicole as Playmate of the Month is on newsstands and at i.playboy.com now.

Follow Kristen Nicole on Twitter @TheMissKristen.

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