Johnny Manziel Took In A Yankees Game After The NFL Draft [PHOTOS]

Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel was in New York City Saturday because of course he was. Manziel first stopped at the NFL Draft on Saturday morning, and then he and quarterback guru George Whitfield Jr. took in the Yankees’ 5-4 win over the Blue Jays at Yankee Stadium.

Skip Bayless noted that Manziel will very likely be “the story” at the 2014 NFL Draft, and we mostly agree with him (because Jadeveon Clowney will have something to say about that). We’re also a little miffed, because Team BC was in NYC this week, and we didn’t get an invitation to hang around and bro-down with Johnny Football.

After the NFL Draft, Johnny Football and Whitfield Jr. took the subway to the Bronx. They posted photos of their big day to Instagram. You can see the images below.

It’s almost to the point where Manziel just shows up wherever two or more people are gathered in sports. We fully expect Manziel to be at UFC 159, which takes place across the river in Newark, N.J. later this evening. More than anything else, Manziel makes the case for taking all your college courses online and just globetrotting.
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