Denard Robinson Gets Photo-Bombed As He Is Picked At The NFL Draft [VIDEO]

Denard Robinson Photo Bomb NFL Draft

Michigan fans were feeling pretty crappy Saturday after no Wolverines had been selected in the first four rounds of the 2013 NFL Draft. Even ESPN’s Trey Wingo was trolling the Big Blue fan base stating that the West African nation of Ghana had produced more 2013 NFL Draft picks than Michigan (Detroit Lions‘ first-round pick Ezekiel “Ziggy” Ansah of BYU and Carolina Panthers‘ fourth-rounder Edmund Kugbila, a guard from Valdosta St. in Georgia, both hail from Ghana).

@missybrown10 has Trey Wingo said: “Ghana 2, Michigan 0”#Boom #OuttaHere

— John Marx (@thejohnmarx) April 27, 2013

Fortunately, the Jacksonville Jaguars stepped up with the second pick of the fifth round and selected Denard Robinson, the Michigan quarterback turned running back for NFL Draft purposes. When the Jags announced the pick, the cameras cut to Robinson just in time for one of his friends to photo-bomb the biggest moment of his career. Watch the video below to see the photo-bomb in action:


Wingo then interviewed Robinson who said what he was really thinking is he “…wanted to get it over with…And, I’m hungry; it’s time for us to go eat.” Watch the Wingo-Robinson video below:

Now that Manti Te’o, Geno Smith, Tyrann Mathieu, Matt Barkley and Robinson have all been selected, the hype and speculation around the 2013 NFL Draft will mercifully come to an end this evening.