NFL Draft Zubaz Jacket Bills Fan: ‘I Wasn’t Drunk!’ [PHOTOS]

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Ever since the NFL Draft changed to prime-time, the Thursday night first round crowd has been a bit tamer than usual. The white collar crowd makes things a little less lively than it had been in the past. That all changed last night, at least for a few minutes.

The guy being dubbed “Bills Woooo Fan” by Scott Van Pelt was front and center when the Bills picked E.J. Manuel with the 16th overall pick. Rocking a custom tailored Zubaz sport coat, “Bills Woooo Fan” easily took the title as top fan of the night.

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Funny thing is I was sitting there with them, left the section and security wouldn’t let me back down. “Bills Wooo Guy” is otherwise known as Danny and is a friend of BC. After the dust settled on his 15-20 minutes of fame Danny wanted to clear the air and had this to say:

I would first like to thank the Zubaz company for providing the fabric for my personally hand-made suit. Scott Van Pelt and the rest of America thought I was drunk, but truth is they do not serve alcohol at the draft. I was drunk on E.J. Manuel. I also have to thank R.J. Zurak of Taylor Made Golf for the tickets.

Check out SVP’s excitement over the ‘Bills Wooo Fan’.

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