Johnny Football Swagged Out On Fishing Trip – Johnny Lunker! [PHOTO]



Johnny Manziel took some time to relax this week and appears to have headed to the local fishing hole for a little action with the pole. The above photo was posted to Johnny’s best pal’s Instagram account (unclenatefitch) yesterday with the following caption:

The bait or the catch? To be determined…

Judging by the looks of that pond, if you want to call it that, that bad boy is most certainly the catch.

Also worth noting is the swag that Johnny Fishing is dripping in this photo. I mean, black socks? We’ll give Johnny Fishing another year before he’s right up there ¬†with another Texas swag legend…Roger Clemens.

Mark our words, Manziel will show up to next years’ Heisman ceremony with a cell phone clip casually placed right over his crotch.

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