HOLY SH*T! Melanie Collins Is Officially Back, Working NFL Draft [PHOTOS]

You might remember back in 2007-08 when Busted Coverage introduced the Internet to Penn State student, and sideline reporter hopeful, Melanie Collins (@Melanie_Collins). She was a Tempe12 bikini model with one helluva bikini gallery, blonde hair and seemed poised to be the next Erin Andrews.

She eventually landed at NBATV, found a hockey boyfriend, eventually fell all the way to hosting for Total College Sports and now she’s been hired at Yahoo Sports. She made her Yahoo! debut last night at the NFL Draft and we can confirm that Melanie Collins is officially back.

From the look of things, Yahoo has found itself an Andrews prototype. They’re using Collins for sit down interviews and anything else that’ll cause you to click a video – like chatting with Eddie George & Mike Florio.

Eddie: “Uh, you want me to grade the 49ers 1st round?”

Eddie: “I like 34Ds.”

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