Matt Barkley Fiancée Brittany Langdon: Know Your NFL Draft WAGs

The 2013 NFL draft kicks off tonight with it’s first round being broadcast in prime-time live from Radio City Music Hall. Want another mock draft? Wonder what we think about this years quarterback class? Well for all of that boring stuff feel free to head over to CBS Sports or ESPN.

We’ll mix it up and instead give you a breakdown of one of the top WAGs of this years draft class, Matt Barkley’s girlfriend Brittany Langdon. Much better right?

Langdon who is scheduled to graduate from Seattle Pacific University this year, played collegiate soccer. We checked out her official roster photos from the past two years, and something tells us Langdon sensed her time as an NFL WAG was nearing. Check out the two photos:

You’re telling me that she hasn’t cleaned up her act over the past year to prepare for some added exposure? You’re telling me she doesn’t want to look as good as possible in the Jacksonville stands as her future husband battles for a QB job with Blaine Gabbert?


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