I Ran Into Honey Badger Last Night At The ESPN The Magazine Party


How did the Honey Badger go from being kicked off the LSU team, to being away from the sport for a year, to weed rehab, to the ESPN The Magazine draft issue cover boy, to the star of last night’s ESPN The Magazine draft party in some building near Chelsea Piers?

A great management team.

And how did Honey Badger manage to walk around the party without looking like he smoked weed or even have a drink in his hand?

A great management team.

There were at least six drink stations at the ESPN party (also in attendance: Miss USA, Steve Levy, Howie Schwab, Jay Glazer, Ice & Coco T, Michael Strahan, JPP & some guy who looked like Mr. Bean) so it would’ve been very easy for Honey to pound a Bud Light Lime-a-Rita or a Beam & Coke. For the hour or so Team BC was huddled around Honey’s area, he was dry.

The other big news of the night was one of Honey Badger’s handlers, Will Betts, inviting us to the draft party that’s scheduled for tonight in New York. Of course Honey says it’s not happening. That’s not what we heard last night.

Picture 2

(Honey with some guys I don’t recognize)