Denise Werner – Wife Of Bjoern Werner: Know Your NFL Draft Arm Candy

Mike Mayock projects Florida State defensive end Bjoern Werner will land in Denver with the 28th pick in tonight’s first round of the NFL Draft. Blah, blah, blah. Like you’re here for such nonsense news.

You’re really here to see the arm candy Bjoern, 22, will be trotting out to a national TV audience.

Her name is Denise Werner and that would be Bjoern’s wife. The couple have been married for three years.

According to an ESPN interview:

Do teammates find it odd that you’re married?
BW: The whole team knows my wife. She’s going to junior college in Tallahassee and has become a big football fan. We live in a house with a few other players, and she is the house mom. She yells at people if they don’t clean up. I get yelled at too.

It appears Denise will be able to move out of the meathead house after tonight. Congrats!





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