Bikini-Clad Lauren Tannehill Lounging With THIS Dog [PHOTOS]

lauren t

We thought today would be a good time to look back at one of the greatest NFL Draft WAGs of all time, none other than Lauren Tannehill. We did our routine scan of her Instagram page and found this beauty. Is that not the luckiest dog in the world?

Tannehill appears to be lounging poolside in her bikini. Although we’re not all up on our dog lingo, this one appears to be a Cane Corso and he has to outweigh Tannehill by at least 10 pounds.

After further digging we found out that this dog, aptly named Ace, belongs to former Dolphins tight end Anthony Fasano.


The Fasano’s and Tannehill’s became close during their year in Miami. Between Lauren and Fasano’s girlfriend Carly Poole, you had an incredible 1-2 punch of blonde WAGs on the Dolphins last year. Poor Carly will have to make the switch to Kansas City this year, but you can bet your ass she’ll have Fasano flying her down to Miami at least once a month.

Check out some of Lauren and Carly’s escapades in the photos below:

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