Shawn Thornton vs. Jay Rosehill: Flurry Of Fists! [VIDEO]


Last night the Flyers, already eliminated from playoff contention, took on the Bruins, who already clinched a playoff berth. Late season match-ups between teams who already have their fates decided usually end up getting ugly.

Midway through the second period, Shawn Thornton and Jay Rosehill dropped the gloves moments after a face-off. At around the :20 second mark Rosehill threw a wild hay-maker  missing and losing his balance.

What happened next was a wild flurry of punches. The fists were fast and frequent with some punches missing, but some certainly connecting. Props to both Rosehill and Thornton for standing tall in an otherwise meaningless late April game.

The Flyers won 5-3, improving to 21-22-3 on the season.

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