Ronda Rousey Puts Arm Bar On Weather Channel Host Stephanie Abrams [VIDEO]


Ronda Rousey appeared on the Weather Channel’s Wake Up With Al this morning. She was on the air to discuss her ‘green diet’, but eventually got around to some UFC talk because honestly who cares about her ‘green’, ‘natural’ diet.

Al Roker’s co-host, Stephanie Abrams, seemed to enjoy Rousey’s presence and even began demanding Rousey put one of her patented arm-bars on her. Abrams kicked off her heels and was about to lay down on the ground before she realized she had a skirt on.

Eventually we ended up getting a half-assed, standing up arm-bar, but you got the feeling that Abrams might have had a little thing for Ronda…and we can’t blame her.

P.S. Rousey would’ve had Abrams squealing in a matter of seconds

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