Washington D.C.: Be On The Look Out For Nikki Hoplock Tonight! [PHOTOS]


Our favorite Winnipeg Jets fan, blonde bombshell Nikki Hoplock, had a special announcement today on Twitter. She recently left the warm, friendly confines of Winnipeg and will be in attendance tonight as the Jets take on the Capitals in Washington D.C.!

Nikki-Hoplock (2)

You know what that means Capitals fans? Be on the look out for that cleav!

The Jets are currently sitting in the 9th seed, one point out of the eighth and final playoff spot. That means Nikki and the rest of the Jets fans in attendance will be fired up from the get-go.

If this game was in Winnipeg tickets would be going for at least $100, but in D.C. you can get in the door for only $43. Are you a bored college kid? Horny guy trying to get out of the house? Drop that $43 bucks, bring a pair of binoculars and get yourself on Hoplock-watch.

Puck drops at 7:00 p.m.